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På DKK INT. Udstilling i Fredericia den 16 februar 2002 Jacquella Ulesse BIR hvalp. Gamle Jacquella Merveilleux blev BIR veteran og nr. 2 i bedste tæve klasse. Godt gået Mulle. 

På Bulldog - Klubbens udstilling den 24 februar 2002, blev Jacquella Ursela   BIR hvalp og Jacquella Terrible BIM/BOS  med Cert. Mad House Celine (bulldog) Cert og BIM/BOS. 



Den 20 april er Jacquella Sauvagerie blevet BOB i Berlin, samt fået det sidste CACIB for international Champion. Dommer Stefan Sinko. 

Den 28 april klubshow in Holland, get Jacquella Ursela  3 best in jeug female and Jacquella Ulesse 2 best in fokker klasse.

At INT. show in Denmark may 2 2002 get Jacquella Ursela BOB at 11 month old and Jacquella Ulesse BOS at 11 month old. Jacquella Terrible was 3 best dog. 

At Nat show (CAC) may 10 2002 get Jacquella Ursela   3 best junior female and Jacquella Ulesse  best junior and no 2 dog with CAC

At DK Klub show (CAC) may 11 2002 get   Jacquella Ursela 2 best junior and no 5 best female and Jacquella Terrible no 4 best dog.  

At  INT. show in Denamrk  (CACIB) June 15, 2002 get   get Jacquella Ursela BOS and cac at 12 month old and Jacquella Ulesse best junior dog, and no 2 best dog.  

At Norway Bulldog show at may 25, 2002 was Vick´s Anna Lovinda There are after Jacquella Sauvagerie and Bobule´s Ophelia BIS puppie Co-eier Anne-Lise Dahl. and Jacquella Sauvagerie BOS


  Best female puppies at  WORLD DOGSHOW  2002 in Amsterdam 

At World Winner Dog Show 2002 get Bulldogs Mad House Diane Best Female Puppies. 

At world Winner Dog Show 2002 get Jacquella Ulesse best junior dog no. 2. And Jacquella Ursela 1 price in junior Female. 

At Nat Show (CAC) july 28 2002 get Jacquella Ulesse best junior dog no 2, and no 4 best dog. Bulldogs Mad House Diane  get best junior female. 

Rapport from Dorit Fischler

Trolle's son Canadian Champion Platinum Royal Albert (Bert) born October 31/01is doing really well in shows!! He has already 4 Best Puppy in Show and multiple Group placings, Group first this week!! and he is not yet 10 months old!! He is a small very balanced male.

Bert takes Best in Specialty, Best Puppy in Specialty at the 2002 Canadian Nationals, entry 54 Frenchies!

Look at Bert Homepage http://www.whpgriffon.com/frenchbulldog/bert.htm

At INT Show Rönneby, S. at august 11 2002. get Jacquella Sauvagerie BOB. Owner Görran Svensson.  

At INT Show in Hillrød Denmark get Jacquella Ulesse best junior dog no 1, and get qualifying to Grufts and no 4 best dog.  Jacquella Ursela 1 best junior female and qualifying to  Grufts and no 3 best female. Bulldogs Mad House Diane Best Female junior and qualifying to  Grufts and no 3 best female. 

At Nat Show (CAC) September 1 2002 get Jacquella Ulesse best junior dog no 1, and  no 2 best dog and CAC.  Bulldogs Mad House Diane  get best junior female and 4 best female. Jacquella Ursela best junior female no.2.

At INT. Show in Denmark (CACIB) (Copenhagen winner) September 21, 2002 get Jacquella Ulesse BOB with CAC and Copenhagen winner 2002. and BIG 4. and  Jacquella Ursela was no. 3 junior female. 

At DK klub Show in Denmark (CAC) Aars October 12, 2002 get Jacquella Ulesse  best junior dog and  CAC and no. 2 Dog.  Jacquella Ursela was BOB with CAC. BIG. and last BIS 2.  Bulldog Mad House Diana best junior female and no. 2 female with the first CAC. Nanna was best junior handler to 10 years with Jacquella Ulesse

Gladstones Wild Blue

Hello Peer!  Just a note to let you know how I did with my Troller pups at
the Canadian National cluster. The puppy bitch( Gladstones Wild Blue) I am
sending you a picture of went Best Puppy In Breed, Best Bred By Exhibitor In
Breed and Reserve Winners Bitch at the booster show held the morning of the
specialty. My male brindle by Troller ( Gladstone & Belboulecans Titan) won
the Bred By Exhibitor Dog class at the specialty as well. These pups are out
of Belboulecan Supreme Eterna.   Enjoy the picture!           Doreen R. Horky

Chowbull Diskos

On November 2-3 at Int. Show in Denmark we get nothing. But Jacquella Skandinave son Chowbull Diskos get last CAC to be Danish Champion and was BOB. congratulation to the owner: Gudrun Christensen.  

Gladstones Wild Blue

Hello Peer! I had a wonderful win last weekend with my Troller x Belboulecan
Supreme Eterna puppy( Gladstone's Wild Blue). We went Best Of Winners(entry
of 22) & Best Of Opposite Sex over two Best Of Breed winning bitch specials!