The World Winner Show 2003

At May 30 We show French Bulldog,  Jacquella Ulesse  get best  dog in open and best dog no 2. and res. World Winner.  Jacquella Ursela get V. in open and Jacquella Uriella get SG. Owner: Annelore and Anton Eibel, Lübeck.  We have a bredding group with thies dog, and there all look nice. we get now place, there was 54 bredding group this day.

The Winner from Norske Bulldogklub

Smiling Thunder Ariel (fra Ungarn) BIR
Casanova AS EZ v. Wilcora (fra Nederland) JWW-03 hannhund
Smiling Thunder Ariel (fra Ungarn) JWW-03 tispe
Excalibur Brana Moravy (fra Tsjekkia) WW-03 hannhund
Sadepa Pretty Betsy At Shoebridge (fra England) WW-03 tispe


We are very proud to win best junior dog no 3. with Beste Vaer V. Slaghek. At his age, only 9 month old. There was entre on 33 in thies group of junior dogs.

The Winner, from Norsk Bulldogklub

Merriveen Rough 'N' Ready (fra Spania) BIR
La chata Quite White (fra Spania) JWW-03 hannhund
Dangerous Witch Raiser From Hell (fra Norge!!!!) JWW-03 tispe
Merriveen Rough 'N' Ready (fra Spania) WW-03 hannhund
Lav Eipril Aurora (fra Russland) WW-03 tispe

To all new and old friend we meet in Dortmund, tanks with nice time together.

WORLD DOGSHOW 2003 and find World Dogshow Dortmund